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Where Dealers Turn

Managing a business can feel like you’re building a machine with a few missing parts. Your staff and customers rely on you to have all of the answers, but what happens when you need someone to turn to?

CEDA is where you turn when you have unanswered questions that can make or break your operations. We equip you with the support and resources you need behind-the-scenes so your dealership can run like a well-oiled machine. 

We were trying to figure out the government notices and knew that CEDA would let us know exactly what affected us and if there was any confusion, one quick email would clear it up.

Walter Steffler, CEDA Member

Follow Our Direction

We’ve read the manual and have simplified its complex legalese into easy-to-follow instructions that are specific to your industry so you get the answers you need.

Get help with real-time, bottom-line decisions in regards to:

Human Resources
Health and Safety
COVID-19 Protocol
Training and Career Development
Member Exclusive Partnerships and Discounts
Federal and Provincial Legislation

Join over 200 equipment and farmstead dealerships across Canada who rely on CEDA—and one another—to strengthen their business, their teams, and their communities.