After Ownership 

Beverly Written by Beverly Leavitt June 20, 2022 Member Updates

The back end of dairy cows standing in stalls.

Welcome to one of CEEDA’s newest board members, Bart Geleynse!

We caught up with Bart to learn about him and his business; as it turns out, he’s got a lot on the go. His company of 41 years, Dundas Agri Systems, has recently merged with AgriHub. 

It’s a Different Kind of Merger. How Does it Work?

Unlike many dealerships that merge with larger companies representing the same manufacturer, Dundas Agri Systems has merged with a wider range of dealers who offer different equipment and services. 

AgriHub is the glue that binds hog, poultry, grain, and of course, dairy dealers together across multiple provinces.

Each former owner generally becomes a shareholder, allowing them to learn from each other and pool funds and resources to better all the dealerships. 

What Types of Opportunities Does this Open up for You?

“We’ve been looking at growth for a while,” says Bart. “With one person and a small dealership structure, you can only manage growth and expansion to a certain point. To get better, you have to get bigger and more robust.”

“When you have strengths, you do a good job of them,” but that doesn’t mean you’re good at everything. And you may still need more resources than one dealership can provide.

It turns out, Bart wasn’t the only one feeling this way, which is how AgriHub formed, giving dealers more: 

  • Power to negotiate better pricing with manufacturers
  • Chances to cross-pollinate ideas and tech that are standard in some industries and new to others 
  • Opportunities for structured HR policies and employee advancement
  • Leverage to secure better pricing for business supplies and services
  • Expanded benefit plans for employees
  • Marketing expertise and resources 
  • Capable IT team to assist with employee and customer needs 
  • Funding to develop new tech 

And the list goes on. 

Why this Particular Merger?

Bart didn’t put his name on the sign out front for a reason. In his words, “it’s not about me. The business is a success because of our employees. Some businesses are built around one personality, and the dealership suffers when they retire or change focus.”

At this point, Bart had two options: retire and have the dealership swallowed up, or merge and continue to grow his skill set while providing better opportunities to his team. 

He explains, “my role will change from the general go-to guy. Dundas Agri Systems will end up with a general manager, which will free me up to support AgriHub from a dairy consulting perspective and still remain closely connected to DAS.

I’m in good health and still really enjoy the industry. My next step is to help people craft a good dairy solution while exploring new technologies. 

As our world becomes more populated, and since it isn’t getting any bigger, we’ve got to ask ourselves: what other innovations can we use to improve Dairying?”

Bart doesn’t plan on stopping there either; he intends to look at all the touchpoints animals have on the farm, from grazing grass to producing manure and turning solutions into salable, practical products that will improve dairies. 

Haven’t Yet Met Bart?

We encourage you to reach out and get to know him! 

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