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Beverly Written by Beverly Leavitt September 14, 2022 Partnerships

Three men wearing different uniforms.

Working in a dealership can be hard on your clothing. Dirt build-up, stains, and holes can be a part of the job, but they can tarnish your reputation when dealing with customers. 

On the flip side, continually replacing uniforms isn’t cheap, especially if there’s staff turnover.

How do you put your best foot forward without breaking the bank? 

Build a Custom Package

Not everyone in your dealership may be as hard on their uniforms, nor do they have all the same needs, so UniFirst offers you custom packages to suit. 

Allow UniFirst to build a package for you, so you can rent your technician outfits, which traditionally see more wear and tear, vs. owning your office staff’s garments, which may see more longevity.

How it Works 

Five years ago, CEEDA connected with Alan Pipe, a regional sales manager at the time. Since then, he’s moved into a national role but is still your first point of contact. 

Alan will connect you with a rep local to your area who will help you weigh your options with a free in-person consultation

If you choose to rent: 

  1. Submit your logo for customized uniforms, or choose generic 
  2. Note any requirements like high visibility or CSA-approved 
  3. Select your preferred styles and fits 
  4. Meet a $35 minimum, and schedule your weekly pickup. UniFirst will: 
    • Clean 
    • Mend 
    • Repair
    • Exchange Sizes 
    • And automatically replace as garments wear out 
  5. Save 20-30% through CEEDA vs. working with UniFirst as a single dealership

If you choose to own: 

  1. You’ll have the same options, but the clothing will be yours to keep
  2. Your staff or dealership will be responsible for cleaning, mending, and replacing, as needed

Alan’s tip: “you don’t want to pay your technicians to do laundry, and they don’t want to take it home to ruin their units. Depending on the chemicals used, it could also become toxic, especially in the dryer, which makes it unsafe for your staff and their families. Both of which, make renting an excellent option.” 

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Save Yourself Trips to the Store 

UniFirst is all about convenience, so they’ll consolidate many of your business needs into one easy service. In your complimentary consultation, they’ll have a look around your dealership and provide solutions that are specific to your day-to-day.

Floor Care

Rent custom floor mats with your company’s logo affixed. Every week, your mats will be picked up and cleaned. When they wear out, UniFirst will replace them.

On the same schedule, you can arrange for clean dust and wet mops to be delivered while the soiled ones go out for cleaning. 

Restrooms and public areas 

Replace broken or outdated bathroom dispensers, and have your trash can liners, urinal screens, soap, etc., delivered directly to you. 

There’s no need for last-minute runs to the store or stockpiling months’ worth of storage. 

Towels and Cloths

Pick an environmentally friendly* route by laundering your shop towels. You can also order microfiber towels to shine up equipment without scratching. 

*UniFirst’s cleaning facilities separate the soil so it can be disposed of safely. 

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