Growing the Agricultural Equipment Workforce

Beverly Written by Beverly Leavitt January 25, 2021 Partnerships

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A CEEDA Partnership with AITC-C

Farm equipment dealerships and service shops play a key role in Canada’s agricultural sector. Owners and staff, like you, work tirelessly to keep farms in operation, sustaining Canadian communities. 

But what does the future look like? 

  • Will there be enough interest and knowledge in the industry to fill job openings?
  • Will there be trained sales, service, and parts staff to continue this essential service? 
  • Will you have enough staff to competitively meet demand?
  • Will you be able to confidently retire knowing your hard-earned legacy is in capable hands?

CEEDA wants to help you confidently answer “yes” to all of the above.

Strength in Agriculture

To ensure strength in the industry, Canada East Equipment Dealers’ Association (CEEDA) has partnered with Agriculture in the Classroom Canada (AITC-C). 

Together, we will build and deliver educational resources that focus on the contribution equipment plays in the agricultural industry–specifically in Canada. 

“We did an initiative a while back where we went into schools to talk to guidance counsellors about careers in equipment and they didn’t know anything about the opportunities within the industry. We want to shift that with information, teaching aids, and data to inspire youth to consider a future in agriculture.”

Bev Leavitt, President & CEO, CEEDA

What Does AITC-C Do?

AITC-C “inspires the next generation to care about the food they eat, where it comes from, and how it got on their plates.”  

Early Education 

AITC-C’s offerings in Kindergarten to Grade 12 classrooms are based on accurate, balanced, and current information that inspires an appreciation for and encourages a lifelong interest in Canada’s agriculture and food. 

The curriculum-linked, science-based approach encourages students to learn in the classroom and through experiences in the field where they can see the importance of the agri-food industry first-hand. From rural to urban, to new Canadians, AITC-C gives students an opportunity to be curious about where their food comes from and how it affects their daily lives in a fun and interactive way. 

"Agriculture in the Classroom Canada is proud to welcome CEEDA as a foundational partner,” “We want to make sure that students across Canada recognize the diversity of the agriculture industry, including all the technical and equipment services that go into making the farm and food supply chain run. With technology in equipment ever-evolving, we are excited to be able to offer Canadian students an innovative look at how the agriculture equipment sector contributes to Canada’s agriculture story."

Johanne Ross, Executive Director of AITC-C

Career Building

Through AITC-C’s thinkAG career initiative, our combined messaging will reach youth audiences nationally. We will develop an awareness of agriculture career opportunities beyond the farm with real-life stories from professionals in the equipment industry. 

With an expected abundance of open positions in the coming years, this partnership will help fill them with individuals who are eager to learn from experienced professionals.

Read more about AITC-C.

Forward Thinking 

As we look to the future, CEEDA recognizes the importance of educating youth about opportunities in equipment. With an understanding of the industry, its impact on the environment, food supplies, and more, they will be informed as they choose their future career. 

"By 2022, there will be an estimated 74,000 job opportunities in Canadian agriculture."


Feeding your open positions and succession plan with a larger pool of qualified and interested candidates will help build a stronger, more resilient workforce. 

For more information about the partnership, contact us.