New Recognized Partner: Cellutrak

Beverly Written by Beverly Leavitt July 12, 2021 Partnerships

Cellutrak offers a complete line of military-grade GPS tracking telematics solutions specializing in theft prevention and fleet management for dealers.

They are offering a two-package solution for CEEDA members: a basic option or an advanced option.

You can implement the technology yourself or resell it to your customers, which is something that is exclusively offered to CEEDA members.

The basic option is aimed at protecting against theft and consists of:

  • tracking
  • geofencing technology
  • remote engine disable
  • real-time alerts on the web and mobile applications

The advanced option combines the features available in the basic option for theft prevention with fleet management tools such as:

  • operational reporting
  • driver behaviour
  • maintenance management

Safeguard your business by contacting Cellutrak.