Online Auction

Online Auction

CEEDA is hosting an auction, and it not only gives you a chance to one-up your fellow dealers but helps support the resources that you use in your business every day. 


Starting Monday, August 16 at 8 am

Closing Friday, August 20 at 5 pm


Silent Auction Biz

How can I participate?

  1. Donate items to the auction
  2. Outbid the others once the auction begins 

What should I donate?

Anything goes, but auction expert, Keith Stoltz, recommends these showstopping items:

  • Vacation rentals 
  • Patio furniture and BBQs
  • Small appliances and tools
  • Paintings and home decor
  • Meat products 

Need more ideas? Talk to your manufacturers, friends, family and coworkers for help. Or up the ante and challenge a fellow dealer to a friendly competition to supply the most creative donation and let the bids settle the score!

Donations can be sent to Roberts Equipment 014945 County Rd. 10, Chesley, Ontario N0G1L0.

Recognize the name? Keith owned Stoltz’s Sales and Service before selling to the next generation. He then started a successful agricultural recruiting business, which again sold to an employee a couple of years ago. 

He and his wife were looking for a way to raise money during COVID and in-person events posed a challenge so with a little time on his hands and a lot of ambition Keith started 

So far, they’ve made over $8,400,000 in proceeds for organizations like CEEDA.

Keith is generously hosting the auction in support of CEEDA. 

How do I participate? 

  1. Go to
  2. Register 
  3. See the items up for auction 
  4. On opening day, make a bid 
  5. Check back throughout the week and make sure your bid is winning
  6. Gather the team in the final moments to celebrate your win

Brian Osterndorff, our resident auction aficionado, says: “Auctions are fun! They raise money for a good cause, and it benefits us, the dealers. Everything we do goes back to CEEDA to offer more programs and support.” 

Not sure what to bid on? Brian offers some advice: “think of items you might need around your house or business. The items can make great gifts for your spouse or staff appreciation. I’ve bought 40 beef steaks before, and I’ve never been outbid on our local auction’s pecan pie!” 

How can I support CEEDA even more? 

  1. Invite your friends, family, colleagues, and customers to participate in the bidding 
  2. Donate directly to CEEDA by selecting the donate option 

What else do I need to know about the online auction?

  • You’ll receive an email notification if you’ve been outbid so you have a chance to put your name back in the ring
  • Sneaking in at the last second won’t work -- the time will extend by two minutes, allowing others to react to your bid 
  • You can set up maximum bidding so you don’t have to watch the bidding process closely. Meaning you can say, “I will spend up to XX dollar amount.”
  • There is a minimum bid but no maximum bid so you can come out of the gate strong 

Register before the event and get email updates reminding you of the start date.