Online Training FAQ

Online Training FAQ

Find answers to your online training questions.

To see how Online Training works, watch these videos:

Group Leaders
Dealer Principals

How do I reset my password?

Go to the Login page and select “forgot my password.” You’ll receive instructions to reset your password to your email on file.

I've forgotten my username.

First, try your first and last name combined (no spaces and capitalization doesn't matter). If that doesn’t work, reach out to your group leader, or contact us through the form below.

I've failed the quiz. Now what?

Retake the quiz until you receive 80% or higher to receive your certificate.

Quiz feedback is available after you've completed it. Review the answers you got correct/incorrect.

You can go back to the video and fast-forward to the applicable portions to review the content before attempting the quiz again.

Can I resume a session?

Yes. If you’re unable to complete the training in one sitting, you can resume the course where you left off. You will need to complete the quiz in one sitting.

However, for retention, we recommend completing the training all at once.

How long are the courses?

Each course will state the length of the required video, but most training sessions are approximately 30 minutes.

Some topics may be split into multiple modules, which can be completed independently of each other.

Group Leaders and Dealer Principals

How do we watch the video as a group?

Take attendance.

Have one employee login and go to their online training profile. Select the course you wish to watch. Watch the course all the way through.

At the end, each individual employee will need to log into their own account, select the video, skip to the end, and mark the video as complete. They can then move on to the quiz.

Remember: as an employer, it’s your responsibility to ensure your staff have taken the training and have been tested for their comprehension. Please ensure each staff member takes the quiz on their own without assistance.

How do I select which courses my staff should take?

All courses in your subscribed program will automatically be available to you.

As an employer, it’s up to you to decide which courses are most applicable to your team. We highly recommend sticking to one course a month minimum to prove that you’re maintaining regular, ongoing health and safety training.

If you wish to customize which courses are available to different departments (i.e. office, shop, etc.), please reach out to us to discuss options.

How do I find an employee's username?

Login and to go your Admin Portal. Select LearnDash LMS from the left-hand menu. Then select “Users.” A list of your assigned group will appear.

How do I add or remove a staff member?

Submit the form at the bottom of the page. Please include their first name, last name, and unique email address. We’ll reply shortly.

Note: we cannot apply the same email address to multiple employees (e.g. If your employees are hesitant to use their personal email address, create a free gmail account (e.g.

How do I see my group’s certificates?

After you log in go to your Admin Portal and select LearnDash LMS from the left-hand menu.

Here, you’ll see your assigned group. Individual certificates are no longer available, but you can download the “Export Results” report that indicates which staff members passed or failed the course and their test scores.

Download this report regularly to prove your dealership’s health and safety compliance to WSIB and the Ministry of Labour.

How do I filter the report to view the information by staff member, scoring grade, or successfully completed certificates?

a) Download the “Export Results” report to your computer
b) Open it in Excel
c) Select File – Save As – rename the file however you wish – and select .xlsx as the file
d) In the new file, select the top row with the categories and select “filter”
e) Now, when you click on a cell in the top row, you’ll see a dropdown arrow. You can
select a name, passed – yes/no, or other criteria based on the column you’re in

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