Recruiting Skilled Workers

Beverly Written by Beverly Leavitt April 17, 2022 Partnerships

Man holding a socket wrench over an open socket set.

Between now and 2028, over 700,000 skilled trades jobs are set to open in Canada. While this doesn’t solely apply to the equipment industry in Ontario and eastern provinces, our dealerships do account for a portion of jobs to come available.

In fact, we’re already hearing rumblings of unfilled positions within our membership, which the pandemic has exasperated. 

So how do you find qualified workers?

Early Interest

Recruiting employees doesn’t just start when you post a job description online; it begins with an interest in the field.

CEEDA’s partnership with Agriculture in the Classroom Canada (AITC-C) cultivates an interest in the agriculture and food industry, including farm equipment and farmstead dealerships, with children and youth from grades K-12. 

AITC-C attracts students to the field in a few ways: 

  1. Inviting students to explore thinkAG, which opens their eyes to all the dynamic career opportunities in agriculture
    • It even guides students through a career quiz to show them jobs in areas that match their interests, providing them information on 72 career profiles, and giving them schooling and scholarship options
  2. Providing teachers with curriculum-based resources so they can easily teach their students about agriculture 
  3. Hosting Canadian Agriculture Literacy Month in March to give students an opportunity to virtually tour farms and learn about the different industries that support them—this area is growing to tour more careers, including equipment!
  4. Creating easy-to-read snapAG documents that help students and teachers learn the facts around hot topics in agriculture

By reaching students from a young age, they can connect to the importance of agriculture in Canada. When they’re ready to continue their education or look for a career, they can consider the field.

It’s about understanding the whole picture outside of farming and knowing that there are jobs available in sales, parts, repairs, and tech, as it applies to our members. 

Get Involved

While it may be possible to sit back and let the applicants come to you, qualified applicants can be in high demand in other similar fields. 

There are opportunities to work with AITC-C so you can showcase your skills and knowledge, inspiring youth to join the equipment workforce.

  1. Connect with your provincial organization—there are local events that you can attend, and there are always volunteer opportunities 
  2. Start the conversation early about participating in next year’s expanded farm tours to show how a dealership plays an important role 
  3. Coach, mentor, or accept interns to expose more students to potential career paths
  4. Accept summer students (funding is available) to provide relevant work experience

Or, as Johanne Ross, Executive Director of AITC-C, says, “be loud and proud about what you do and why you do it. 

Don’t shy away from talking to students, and if you’re ever asked to visit a school or host a tour, never turn it down! AITC-C is here to help and support you as you tell your ag-proud story to students!”

More About AITC-C 

If you’re interested in learning more about AITC-C and their successes this past year, including 2M+ student experiences, visit their progress report