What Has CEDA Done for You Lately?

Beverly Written by Beverly Leavitt July 12, 2023 Member Benefits

One of the most intangible aspects of your CEDA membership is management of the Ontario Farm Implements Act and its Regulation 123/06. Not only does this apply to ensuring manufacturers and distributors are in compliance, but it also includes extensive government lobbying and requesting amendments to the legislation and regulation when they are necessary.

Since 2020, CEDA has been actively engaging with Minister Thompson and OMAFRA staff/officials on significant gaps in the Ontario Farm Implements Act (OFIA) and its Regulation 123/06.

These gaps result in insufficient protections for farmers and dealers to be effective in today’s business environment and position Ontario legislation and regulation significantly weaker than other similar provincial and state legislations.

We have held multiple meetings with Minister Thompson, her policy staff and Ministry officials to discuss the issues and present our policy recommendations.

We have held similar meetings with policy staff from the offices of the Minister of Labour, Monte McNaughton and the Minister of Economic Development Vic Fedeli, as well as Minister Thompson’s Parliamentary Assistant Toby Barrett.

As the old saying goes, “all politics is local."

Many of our Ontario members participated in our advocacy by contacting their own MPP using an email template created by CEDA that outlined the issues with the OFIA and its regulation. The call-to-action in the email was a request that the local MPP contact Minister Thompson to convey that their constituents are raising these issues and to request that the Minister work with CEDA to develop solutions.

We also amplified our message by securing support from like-minded associations. The Veal Farmers of Ontario wrote a letter of support to Minister Thompson. The OFA wrote a letter of support and have joined us in several meetings with the Minister, her staff, and officials. We have conveyed support received from shortline manufacturers.

By broadening our support base beyond CEDA, we have representation from dealers, end-users, and manufacturers. This strengthens our position compared to a narrower representation from dealers only.

Following our last meeting with Minister Thompson in the spring, we provided proposed wording changes to the OFIA and Reg 123/06 regarding three of CEDA’s top recommendations. We provided examples of existing Ontario legislation as well as other provincial jurisdictions as precedent to support our recommendations. The Minister’s staff and Ministry Officials are analyzing our recommendations and will schedule follow-up meetings to provide their feedback.

If you have any questions about CEDA’s advocacy on your behalf, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We will keep you informed as we progress our members’ interests.