WSIB Update

Online Service Makes Working with WSIB Easier

The WSIB is making it easier and faster for businesses to access registered claim

Now through their online services account, businesses can see their employees’ claim
information including claim status, latest payments, and approved benefits. Businesses
can also submit documents right to claim files and send messages about claims, all in
one convenient place.

“We know businesses want and need the same access to claim information we
introduced for people with claims,” said Janine Dyck, Senior Vice President of Claims
Transformation at the WSIB. “Being able to see real-time claim updates makes it easier
for businesses to work with us and support their employees in the return-to-work

To get started, businesses can log in to their WSIB online services account and then enroll in the new service "view your claims."

This is the latest addition to the suite of online services for businesses from the WSIB.
Businesses can also report injuries or illness, report and pay premiums, view
statements and reports, update their address and more. Recent improvements to the
online offerings for businesses include simpler clearances and online registration for the
new Health and Safety Excellence program, which helps businesses design or improve
their own health and safety programs.

“We're transforming the way we do business by providing more online services that
make it easier to work with us,” said Janine Dyck. “We plan to keep modernizing our
services to meet different business needs.”

Visit for more information about WSIB online services.