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Beverly Written by Beverly Leavitt March 7, 2024 Health and Safety

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CEDA recently moved Safety Talks to an online portal. 

To refresh your memory, we used to offer 30-minute sessions eight times a month at pre-defined times. That meant that your team had to adhere to our schedule to stay up to date on your health and safety training. 

Now, you can do it wherever and whenever you like! 

Why is Health and Safety Training Important?

First and foremost, it familiarizes your team with hazards specific to your workplace. This gives them the confidence and ability to work around equipment, chemicals, and other hazards in a safe way, significantly reducing workplace incidents. 

It’s our number one priority that everyone makes it home safely each night. 

Secondly, it’s required by law. If you’re unfamiliar with the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA), read our summary.


We aim to give you as much value as possible within your membership. Access to programs like our Online Training are heavily discounted for CEDA members but are available to non-members, too. 


We know the ins and outs of your dealership, so we’ve designed courses to specifically answer your needs. 

Training topics are tailored to your equipment, tasks, and hazards. In some cases, it can replace workplace training for how to behave or handle, store, operate, and transport supplies/equipment. In other cases, it compliments the hands-on training you perform with your staff. 

Courses are offered in plain language, so there’s no confusion. We meet different learning needs by offering visual supports, on-screen text, and a spoken recount of the training information. 

For large topics, we split the courses into different modules so retention can be tested after smaller, more manageable video sessions. 

Team Setup 

Each of your team members has their own login, so they can watch the video and take the quiz as their work schedule allows. Or, if you loved meeting as a team, you can continue to watch the videos together and complete the quiz individually. 

There is no need for everyone to be off the floor at once, and onboarding can be made simpler by having easy-to-access resources already available. 

Staff can take the courses on a computer or on their smartphones – wherever they have a reliable internet connection. 

As a dealer principal or group leader, you can log in to your admin dashboard to download reports that prove your compliance should your workplace ever experience an audit.


Our courses are updated regularly to meet your requirements for regular, ongoing training. View our course catalogue and check back monthly for new topics. 

When you subscribe, you gain access to all of our courses. If some are more applicable to your team than others, simply let them know which courses you’d like for them to complete and on what timeline. 

It’s up to you to select the courses required by your team and how frequently they complete training. However, to prove compliance in the event of an audit, we suggest at least one course per month. 


Similar to our previous program, you make a yearly investment, which grants you access to all of the courses. You don’t have to pay per employee, and there are currently no limits on how many team members can have accounts. 

Additional locations are subject to their own fees but are discounted. 

Alternatively, you can sign your team up course-by-course. 


You’re not alone once you register. We’re available for technical support and always welcome feedback. 

If you think we could make improvements or have health and safety topic ideas you’d like covered, share your thoughts with us

Other Online Training Programs 

We won’t deny that there are other health and safety training programs out there. You’re entitled to make the best decision for your team, and if you’ve selected something other than what CEDA provides, we’d love to hear your reasons why. 

Our goal is to continually improve upon our services, so if there’s something we can do to better serve you, please let us know. 

Here, we outline some of the differences that we’ve noticed. 

  1. Most online training companies don’t cater to farm equipment and farmstead dealerships. The equipment you use is unique to our industry, and your training should be, too!
  2. Office, shop, sales, and parts teams all have different hazards, and because we know the ins and outs of the industry, we cover them all. 
  3. Some companies only offer PDF resources, which don’t account for different learning styles. We offer videos that consider audio and visual learners. 
  4. There’s no need to manually track retention. Our videos are followed by a quiz, which generates a certificate once 80% or more is achieved. If an employee fails the quiz, they can view quiz feedback and retake it. They can also re-watch portions of the video to review the topic. As a group leader, you can generate a report at any time to view your team’s progress and completion rates.
  5. Some companies require extensive surveys so they can tailor the training information to your team, but we already know what hazards your facing and have designed the training to them for you. 
  6. You can choose an all-in-one system. Depending on the size of your dealership, you’re required to provide a document outlining policies and procedures in addition to ongoing training – we can help link both pieces together.  
  7. We’re Canadian! Our information is tailored to suit provinces across the country. We’re not US-based, so you don’t have to decipher what’s actually applicable to you. 

Ready to Make the Switch? 

Learn more about CEDA’s Online Health and Safety Training by contacting us