How to Write a Job Description (Includes a Sample Description)

Beverly Written by Beverly Leavitt December 12, 2023 Human Resources

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If you have a job description written, pull it out and compare it against these points to see if you’re meeting all the criteria that job seekers are looking for. 

Starting from scratch? Start here! 

The Basics 

Oftentimes, we skip over the basics because they seem obvious to us, but they aren’t to our desired candidates. 

State your company name, location, job title, and who the role reports to. Clearly defining these pieces at this point in the process clears up any confusion when your candidate starts their job. 

Keep it Concise 

Put yourself in the job seeker’s shoes. They’ve likely scrolled through a few job descriptions, so you want to grab their attention and get to the point quickly. Even if your description is the first they see, they’ll appreciate your respect for their time. 

Indeed’s data “shows job titles that are 80 characters or less receive more clicks.”

Don’t Keep Secrets 

Salaries require transparency! State what you’re willing to pay upfront so you don’t waste each other’s time. 

It’s frustrating for you and the applicant if you reach the offer stage and your salary expectations don’t match. 

LinkedIn states that 91% of survey respondents say that seeing a salary range on a job post affects their decision to apply for a job. 

Outline the Job 

Start your posting with a strong job summary and follow it up with bullet points that outline their day-to-day tasks and responsibilities. 

What are the main duties? This isn’t a laundry list of items the successful person might complete. If they’re required to be a team player and help out with odd jobs, state that, but you don’t need to list them all. 

Keep to the tasks that they’ll complete 90% of the time. 

Next, follow up with soft skills. Aka, what kind of a person do they need to be to fit into this role? Someone who jumps at a challenge? Someone who can travel on their own? Someone who is good with the public? Be specific about what the job truly requires. 

Share Who You Are 

Your company is as much of a draw as the role itself. Share what your values and mission are. In other words, what are you here to accomplish and what’s most important to your dealership? 

Similar to selling equipment, you need to sell the company. What makes you stand out against competitors? 

Hint: you can’t say “customer service” because everyone believes they offer the best customer service out there. 

Do you offer:

  • Benefits (traditional health and dental) 
  • Flexible work schedules (4-day work weeks, early or late start times, etc.)
  • Holiday days between Christmas and New Years 
  • Health and wellness spending accounts (set funds to help pay for things like sports equipment, gym memberships, top-up massage benefits, therapy, etc.) 
  • Family flex days (take time to support the family when the kids are out sick or doctor appointments) 
  • Employee events (yearly BBQ) 
  • Continued education funds 
  • Coverall program and PPE vouchers

…and the list goes on! 

A Sample Job Description 

[Note: anything in [ ] is for your reference but shouldn’t be included in your final description.]

[Job Title] 310T Heavy Duty Mechanic 

[Company Name] Dirk Diggler’s Dirt Digging 

[Location] 10 Mud Way, Guelph, Ontario 

[Job Summary] Do you like playing in the dirt? Make it your full-time job! At Dirk Diggler’s Dirt Digging, we’re looking for a 310T Mechanic to join our shop team. Certification is preferred, but we’re willing to work with you on your apprenticeship. Our main location is in Guelph, and our service area covers the tri-county area. You’ll be responsible for maintaining and servicing [brand] equipment in the shop and on the road. 

Salary ranges between $XX-XX per hour, depending on experience and tickets. Hours are flexible, but you’re guaranteed a minimum of 35 hours per week. Overtime is available. Health and dental benefits are included with a health spending account and family flex days. 

A valid driver’s licence is required.  

[Job Description]

  • Perform routine maintenance on [brand] equipment 
  • Diagnose and repair [type of equipment]
  • Travel to remote locations with limited supervision 
  • Act as a representative of the company on service calls
  • Keep open communication with the shop, sales, and office teams 
  • Maintain accurate records of work performed 
  • Uphold high health and safety standards supported by regular training 
  • Must be comfortable working around livestock 
  • Must be able to work outside in all weather conditions 
  • Other duties as assigned 
  • [etc.]


  • Red Seal Heavy Duty Mechanic
  • X years of experience 
  • Previous experience working with [type of equipment] 
  • [etc.]

[Soft skills] 

  • Must be an outgoing people-person who can put their best foot forward on behalf of the company 
  • Works well within a team environment 
  • [etc.]

[Company description] 

Dirk Diggler’s has been around for 75 years. We started in excavation but have expanded to sell and service farm, construction, and lawn and garden equipment. We’re known for our muddy boots and good attitudes, but what stands out the most is our willingness to go out of our way for our customers. We offer maintenance packages on all equipment we sell, so our customers can rest easy knowing they won’t miss a day’s work to downtime because we’ve already ensured their equipment works season-by-season, wherever they’re working. Bonus: it keeps our mechanics busy year-round! 

[Description details] 

The position will be available until filled. The role reports to Dirk the Third, the owner and general manager. 

Please send your resume, cover letter, and proof of certification to [email].